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Getting started with HEA Events

Home screen
Includes all reports, data and analyses available to you, as per your Service Level. You can filter the content by type or publishing date.

Includes all events marked as Favorite. Items in this folder are available even when you are offline.

Ask HEA conversations are available in here.

Access or change your HEA Events settings like Name, Password, etc.

My channels
Create a new content channel. Channel is a smart folder containing all events or reports meeting the parameters you specify.

Tap to create a new content channel.


Events tab lists all events available to you within the scope of your Service Level.

Tapping on the event title will open the event in a viewer.

A "talk baloon" in the title of the event indicates that there is an Ask HEA conversation attached to this event.
To search for Events, enter a company stock ticker, company name or any phrase and then tap Search.

HEA Events will return all research content meeting your search parameters.

Use Filter to narrow down event types to those you are interested in.

Select all event types you want to display, alternatively define the publishing range and tap Done.

HEA Events will only show you selected event types within the selected date range.
All events marked as favorite will be available in this folder, even when you are offline.

To mark an event as favorite, open it, tap on the three dots in the upper right corner and tap on Favorite.

To remove a report from your Favorites folder, repeat the steps described above.


Any conversations initiated using Ask HEA are available in the Messages folder.

Tap on a message to see the conversation in the message viewer.
The link at the top of the message viewer points to the origin of the conversation - report or event.

Respond to a message by tapping on the blue button in the lower right corner of your screen.

When you are ready to send your message, tap on Send in the upper right corner.

Your message will be sent and you will return back to Messages home.
Channel is a smart folder with all events or reports meeting the parameters you specify.

Tap New on Home screen to you define a custom Channel.

Channel name - enter a name for your channel before you save it.

1. Research and Events - Select specific Research and Events to be included in your channel. NOT selecting any specific items will include ALL Research and Events in the channel.

2. Industries - Select specific Industries to be included in your channel. NOT selecting any specific items will include Industries in the channel.

3., 4., 5., 6. E&P, Oilfield Services Companies, Midstream Companies, Basins - If you want to include ONLY specific Companies or basins in your channel, please leave sections 1 and 2 above blank and select specific companies or basins in the sections below.

Email notifications - Enabling notifications will alert you every time a report or an events is added to your channel.


Settings screen provides you with some vital information about HEA Events and some key settings:

• Help & Info - access this Support Portal

• Terms of Service - read about the ToS governing the use of HEA Connect

• Privacy Policy - read about about Privacy Policy

• My profile - place to change your name or password and log out from the application.

• Push notifications - turn notifications on or off. If notifications are on, you will be notified when new content is added to your channels.

• Service level - information on which products and services are included in your service level.