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HEA Connect - The Platform

The journey started at the bottom...
Added Calendar subscription feature - users can subscribe to HEA Events calendars from within their calendar software

Added email integration to HEA Events - HEA can invite users directly from within HEA Events and monitor response status

Improved Search function providing better search results

Various visual tweaks - aiding report legibility
Late 10.16
Added versioning - any report can have any number of different versions which is very helpful to show evolution of metrics in time

Added FINRA compliance - Archiving, monitoring and data extraction

Added a taptic engine into our mobile apps for better user experience
Early 10.16
Split the views in HEA Events to "Past" and "Upcoming"

Changed the default event view to List in the web app

Simplified the mobile app login - when user logs into one of the two mobile apps, he/she will be automatically logged in to the other app

Added ability to filter events by date in HEA Events mobile app
Late 09.16
Added the ability to navigate to an event directly from iOS version of HEA Events

Added the ability to share events with other users

Added user profiles + bios

Improved the channel definition dialog

Added web viewer compatibility with standard MS Office formats

Added a GIS viewer into both web and iOS versions of HEA Connect

Added "Quick search triggers" - clicking on a tag in a report will launch a search for all research with that tag

Added different calendar views into the web version of HEA Events - month, day, list
Early 09.16
Released 2.0 version of HEA Connect iOS app and a brand new HEA Events iOS app with the following key features:

Calendar View/List View - view events in a calendar or list format

Filter - filter events by type

Search - search events by their name, date, company name, ticker or their tags

Favorites - mark events to make them available from the Favorites folder, even when the device is in offline mode (iOS only)

Calendar Export (iOS only) - export events from HEA Connect into your device calendar

Sharing - share events with colleagues or anyone else in possession of a HEA Connect account

Ask HEA - engage in conversations about an event with HEA staff

Channels - organize events in your personal "smart folders"

"I'm interested" - user can click on an event to express interest in a given event - this will solicit a response from HEA staff
Late 08.16
Added a new communication service - Ask HEA. With Ask HEA, users can engage in topical conversations with HEA staff by simply asking questions directly from a report or an event. The questions are sent to HEA subject matter experts relevant to the topic covered by the report or event.

Ask HEA conversations are private between users and HEA staff, they cannot be joined or seen by other users.
Early 08.16
Added a brand new service - HEA Events providing users with access to events organized or attended by HEA, as well as to other events pertaining to the oil and gas industry. Key events available in HEA Events:

Quarterly calls - access to quarterly update calls with management/IR via HEA Events, using the "I'm interested" feature

Analyst 1:1 - 1x1 in person meeting with senior analysts

Bus tours - small group meetings with senior management from various Exploration & Production, Oilfield Service, & Midstream companies hosted by senior HEA analysts.

HEA Conferences - focused conferences consisting of facilitated Q&A sessions with public companies discussing their activity in a specific area or basin, followed by 1x1 meetings with company management.

Idea dinners - facilitated buy side dinners discussing best/worst ideas or topics.

Private conferences - private conferences and HEA presentations to your team

Other - marketing events, industry trade shows or conferences, company investor events
Completed the build of HEA Connect version 2.

Added Search window directly to the Home screen

Improved functionality of both Search and Filter - color coding, easier de-activation, etc.

Introduced a brand new report viewer with a multi-function toolbar (TOC, Search, Scroll, Qucik jump, Zoom, etc.)

Added a new report information pannel with report tags and HEA Experts relevant to the report
Added Service Levels structure and relevant content access framework

Extended iOS "universal" links to most commonly used business applications - email, messaging clients, etc.

Added some new research products to the platform
Late 05.16
Released HEA Connect universal iOS app with features mirroring the web platform.

Added email "universal" links - when a report link is tapped on an iOS device it will open in the iOS app instead of Safari

Added "offline" mode - ability to read reports marked as Favorite even without an internet connection

Added ability to "follow" other user's content channels

Added ability to select multiple reports as favorites
Early 05.16
Boom! Released V1 of HEA Connect!

Read - download, share, print all reports

Search - by stock ticker, company name or phrase

Favorites - "save" reports for quick access

Filter - by type and publishing date

Notifications - via e-mail and/or push notifications

Channels - organize content in personal "smart folders"
Early 02.16
Coding time!!!
Late 01.16
The product started to take shape! At least visually!
Early 01.16
And then the real design work began...
Late 12.15
Designed the very first HEA Connect concept...