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Which companies are covered by Heikkinen Energy Advisors (HEA)
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What content can I access in HEA Connect?
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What is Ask HEA?
With Ask HEA you can engage in topical conversations with HEA Experts by asking questions directly from a report or an event.

Your questions are sent to HEA Experts relevant to the topic covered by the report or event. Ask HEA message viewer supports paragraphs and hyperlinks - so you can paste in links to other HEA Connect reports, events or even external websites. You can access your conversations in two ways:

By clicking the Ask HEA button in the report viewer - the entire conversation pertaining to that report is available from there. You can post new messages into the conversation at any time.
From Messages channel in Home screen.

Ask HEA conversations are private between you and HEA Experts, they cannot be joined or seen by other users.
What is HEA Events?
HEA Events lists events organized or attended by HEA, as well as other events pertaining to oil and gas industry.

In the web version of HEA Connect, HEA Events is available as a module on Home screen. HEA Events is also available as a separate universal iOS application from Apple Appstore. HEA Events iOS app is seamlessly integrated with HEA Connect app, they share the same look and feel and are designed to work together, as an extension of each other.

HEA Events features:

• Calendar View - View events in weekly or monthly calendar.
• Filter - Filter events by type.
• Search - Search events by their name, date, company name, ticker or their tags.
• Favorites - Mark events to make them available from the Favorites folder, they will be available even when the device is in offline mode.
• Calendar Export - Export events from HEA Connect into your device calendar.
• Sharing - Share events with colleagues or anyone else in possession of a HEA Connect account.
• Ask HEA - Engage in conversations about an event with HEA Experts.
• Channels - Organize events in your personal "smart folders". Your channels can contain both events and research reports.
• Subscribe - Subscribe to a calendar, synchronize it with your calendar software, stay up to date all time!
How do I reset my password?
1) Click on Forgot password link on the Sign In screen.
2) Enter the email address with which you have created your HEA Connect account and click Reset password.
3) Check your mailbox for an email from HEA Connect.
4) Tap on Reset password.
5) Enter your new password into the box.
6) Tap Reset password.

You can now sign In into HEA Connect with your new password.
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